I help Good Coders become Great Coders

Hi, I'm Louis, and I'm on a mission to simplify the world of software.

Learning how to code for me was really frustrating. I used to stay up late trying to figure out why my code didn't work; and reading technical topics was like trying to read in a foreign language...

Once I started looking for a job I discovered there were so many things I didn't know. Getting through interviews is a study topic in itself, and what people teach you in courses doesn't always match up to what's expected of you on the job.

I persisted however, and I struggled through. Over the years I learnt to read between the lines and discovered what it is that people actually look for.

My mission now is to educate every programmer on Earth. I'm working to simplify topics for the 21 million software developers throughout the world. Through this process I aim to produce better programmers, and thus improve the world of software as a whole.