My Mission - Simplifying the world of Software.

Hi, I'm Louis, and I want to help you learn software topics.

Learning how to write software for me was really frustrating. I just didn't understand what the lecturers were talking about. I'd stare at the screen for hours, reading cryptic error messages and trying every possible combination to just get the damn thing to work...

Two decades later, and I feel like technology has moved forward but the teaching hasn't. Learning "difficult computing topics" is still painful. It's like listening to someone speak a foreign language. Acronyms, jargon, weird sounding words... why is learning a bunch of concepts so complicated?

I believe there's a better way. A way to learn and build skills in software without feeling like an outsider. A way to have concepts explained step by step. A way to finally feel like part of the "cool kids" club.

My mission is to educate every programmer on Earth. I'm working to simplify topics for the 21 million software developers throughout the world. Through this process I aim to produce better programmers, and thus improve the world of software as a whole.